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                   Mobile Limb & Brace, Inc. combines leading technology with professional fitting techniques and superior design.  Our prosthetic limbs and orthopedic braces are fabricated by highly skilled technicians while using technologically advanced materials and components such as carbon fiber, titanium, and silicone.  These materials make the prosthesis and orthotics lighter, stronger, and more comfortable to wear.




Our Mission

    Mobile Limb & Brace, Inc. is dedicated to bringing comprehensive, professional prosthetic and orthotic services to the patient in the privacy of their own home. By providing the appropriate device, properly fitted and aligned along with education and compassionate care, our goal is to restore mobility and independence to the home bound patient. The definitive difference between Mobile Limb & Brace and fixed facility providers has been and will continue to be our unmatched level of personal service.

Top 10 Benefits of In-Home Service

bulletThe Patient doesn't have to coordinate transportation to and from a facility
bulletPatients don't expend limited physical energy traveling to a facility
bulletVisits can be scheduled at the patients' convenience
bullet As a guest in the patients' home, the practitioner can observe and learn a great deal about how the patient manages day to day in their own environment
bullet Working in conjunction with a Home Physical Therapist the patient can be trained to use their device in the environment where they will use it the most
bulletThe patient is likely to be more comfortable and less anxious in their own home
bulletThere is never a charge for the In-Home service
bulletPatients never spend time in a waiting room. If there is a delay in the practitioners' arrival, at least they are waiting in the comfort of their home
bulletA patient is never made to feel rushed because of others waiting behind them
bulletIt is easier to develop a relationship with someone in their home than in a clinic

Contact Information

                    Craig DeCamp BOCPO, CO
                    Postal address
                    2041 Klondike Rd, West Lafayette, IN 47906
                    Electronic mail
                    General Information: craig@mobilelimbandbrace.com



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